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In February of 1998, I began doing the Top 25 Shows chart, a monthly list of my favorite TV Shows. Never did I think that I would be doing the chart this long.

Since then, the chart has expanded into other charts, such as the Top 10 Shows of the Week chart, which came about in July, 1999, the Year-End charts, and the Annual & Quarter Gross Races chart (2002) among others.

Four hundred thirty-seven (437) shows have made either the Top 25 Shows or the Top 10 Shows of the Week chart. But only the 250 best performing shows could make the list!

I created this list as a 15th anniversary update to the old Top 25 Shows 100 list, which had not been updated since 2006. I compiled it using the inverse points methodology (which is how I have been doing the Year-End charts since 2009). Some of Top 25 Shows' biggest anime hits, classics, and the best performing live action shows made the list.

The list tracks shows performance up to the February, 2013 Top 25 Shows chart and the February 9, 2013 Top 10 Shows of the Week chart.

The links to each section of the list are to the left. Enjoy!

JULY 24 UPDATE: The entire list has been updated to include gross races data from 2001 and 2002.


-T. Pitchford






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