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“Enchantimals” set to reclaim pole position after slow month
Posted: October 27, 2020 2:54 P.M. CT (1954 GMT)

Enchantimals is expected to head to No. 1 on the latest Top 25 Shows chart in its 8th month. This will be the 4th career month at No. 1 for Enchantimals. Enchantimals has grossed just 1.35 billion grosses in October and 13.12 billion to date. The 1.35 billion grosses the show grossed is the lowest of 2020. The November, 2020 Top 25 Shows will be posted on October 28 (Tomorrow).

The November, 2020 Top 25 Shows chart goes into effect at 12:01 A.M. November 1 (Sunday).

The David Pakman Show is the top debut at No. 2. Pakman has grossed 1.273 billion grosses to date. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun rises 5-3 in its 2nd month. Demon has grossed 2.64 billion to date. The Bold and the Beautiful rises 11-4 in its 99th month. B&B has grossed 1.244 billion in October and 106.65 billion to date. In the Heat of the Night rounds out the top-5 dipping three positions in its 43rd month. Night has grossed 984 million in October and 32.7 billion to date.

KiraKira PreCure! A La Mode surges 17-6 in its 9th month matching a new peak. KiraKira has grossed 970.4 million in October and 3.47 billion to date. Heidi, the current No. 1 show, tumbles to No. 7 in its 2nd month. Heidi has grossed 864.6 million in October and 2.45 billion to date. DuckTales re-enters at No. 8 in its 18th month. DuckTales grossed 753 million in October and 14.37 billion to date. Monster Girl Doctor slides 4-9 in its 3rd month. Doctor grossed 609.8 million to date. Morning Joe rounds out the top-10 rising three rungs in its 5th month. Joe has grossed 3.43 billion to date.

Elsewhere on the chart, three more shows debut: Myriad Colors Phantom World (No. 11), Unsolved Mysteries (No. 15), and Robotics;Notes (No. 20). BNA (3-13; 4th month), The Helpful Fox Senko-san (9-14; 5th month), How It’s Made (7-16; 59th month), and Coppelion (10-17; 4th month) all fell out of the top-10. The Stephanie Miller Show re-enters at No. 21 in its 13th month.


Netflix reboot of “Unsolved Mysteries” takes first career No. 1
Posted: October 25, 2020 11:53 P.M. CT (0453 GMT 10/26)

The Netflix reboot of Unsolved Mysteries re-enters at No. 1 this week grossing 570.8 million, narrowly taking the monthly No. 1 week grossing record. Mysteries debuted back on the April 30, 2005 T-10 chart, so its two-week total comes to 774.8 million grosses.

In the Heat of the Night wins its seventh career No. 2 this week grossing 556 million. The David Pakman Show hit’s a new peak at No. 3 grossing 539 million surpassing 1 billion career grosses. How It’s Made returns at No. 4 grossing a near-record 522.1 million. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun rises to No. 5 grossing 493.5 million.

Enchantimals takes No. 6 grossing 468 million surpassing 13 billion career grosses. KiraKira PreCure! A La Mode is No. 7 grossing 381 million grosses. The Bold and the Beautiful is No. 8 grossing 307.4 million. DuckTales is No. 9 grossing 224 million. Heidi is No. 10 grossing 115.6 million.

Myriad Colors Phantom World takes Close Calls grossing 90.2 million.

The total amount grossed this week was 4,267.6 million grosses, a 19.3% increase vs. last week. The average came to 387.96 million grosses.

Over on the Annual Gross Races chart, Enchantimals leads after 43 weeks holding a 3.5 billion advantage over In the Heat of the Night. DuckTales gains 11-10. How It’s Made rises 20-17. Enchantimals is the Quarter Gross Races chart leader dethroning The Bold and the Beautiful.



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