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“Spice and Wolf” wins its first career No. 1
Posted: June 16, 2016 2:24 P.M. CT (1924 GMT)

Spice and Wolf notches its first No. 1

Digimon tumbles to No. 9 after two weeks at No. 1

DC Super Hero Girls leads the AGR, QGR chart

FUNimation-imprint anime Spice and Wolf wins its first career No. 1 this week grossing 536 million grosses. Wolf surpasses 1 billion career grosses. Wolf sets the grossing record for a No. 1 week in the month of June breaking the record set by Digimon on June 2.

Star Trek: The Next Generation wins its 10th career No. 2 grossing 527.7 million grosses. Trek surpasses 27 billion career grosses. How It’s Made returns at No. 3 grossing 504 million grosses. The Bold and the Beautiful takes No. 4 grossing 488.2 million grosses. B&B surpasses 77 billion career grosses. Lucha Underground returns at No. 5 grossing 465 million. Season 4 of Lucha premiered on Wednesday (Jun. 13). Lucha is approaching 20 billion career grosses.

The Young and the Restless takes No. 6 grossing 451.4 million surpassing 122 billion career grosses. DC Super Hero Girls slips to No. 7 grossing 418 million grosses. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic returns at No. 8 grossing 392 million grosses. Digimon: Digital Monsters, the No. 1 show for the last two weeks, takes No. 9 grossing 340 million. Digimon becomes the 14th show to surpass 30 billion career grosses. Steven Universe is No. 10 grossing 273 million.

The total amount grossed this week was 4,395.3 million grosses, an 8.6% decrease vs. last week. The average came to 439.53 million grosses, the 2nd highest average in chart history behind only August 19, 2017 (445.7 million).

Over on the Annual Gross Races chart, DC Super Hero Girls leads after 24 weeks holding a 2.92 billion gross advantage over Steven Universe. The Bold and the Beautiful gained 11-9. The Young and the Restless gains 15-13. How It’s Made entered at No. 18. DC Super Hero Girls leads the Quarter Gross Races chart after 11 weeks.


“DC Super Hero Girls” remains at No. 1 by default
Posted: June 10, 2018 7:47 P.M. CT (0047 GMT 6/11)

Hero remains at No. 1 despite though Digimon and The Bold and the Beautiful beats in grosses

Three debuts and three re-entries

DC Super Hero Girls will likely stay at No. 1 for a fourth straight month in July in its 5th month. Girls grossed 9.23 billion to date. DC Super Hero Girls grossed 891.5 million but Digimon and The Bold and the Beautiful, both of which are re-entering, grossed more. Both shows are re-entering, and shows cannot re-enter at No. 1, so Hero will remain at No. 1 by default. The July, 2018 Top 25 Shows Prediction List will be posted on June 11 (Tomorrow) while the official chart will be posted on June 28 (final Thursday of the month).

Digimon: Digital Monsters re-enters at No. 2 in its 72nd month. Digimon has grossed 29.86 billion grosses to date. Digimon is getting detections from Digimon Adventure tri for this appearance. The Bold and the Beautiful re-enters at No. 3 in its 72nd month. B&B has grossed 76.86 billion to date. Infini T Force is the top debut at No. 4. Force has grossed 844 million grosses to date. RWBY rounds out top-5 sliding two positions in its 3rd month. RWBY has grossed 3.22 billion to date.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic dips 5-6 in its 84th month. Pony has grossed 96.12 billion to date. Spirit Riding Free slides 2-7 in its 4th month. Spirit has grossed 4 billion to date. Steven Universe fell 4-8 in its 17th month. Steven has grossed 30.09 billion to date. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid slips 8-9 in its 4th month. Maid has grossed 2.52 billion to date. Dagashi Kashi rounds out the top-10 fell two positions in its 3rd month.

Elsewhere on the chart, The Young and the Restless rises 22-12 in its 116th month. Y&R has grossed 121.71 billion to date. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes falls out of the top-10 tumbling 6-13 in its 6th month. Spice and Wolf gains 20-14 in its 2nd month. Wolf has 741.5 million to date.

Netflix original anime Kakegurui enters at No. 17 while BlazBlue: Alter Memory enters at No. 22.



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