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“Star Twinkle PreCure” to remain at No. 1 in August
Posted: July 28, 2021 12:13 A.M. CT (0513 UTC)

Star Twinkle PreCure will stay at No. 1 on the latest Top 25 Shows chart. Star has grossed 1.481 billion grosses in July and 6.54 billion overall. It is the first show to log a consecutive month reign this year and the first to do so since Enchantimals spent three straight months in 2020. Star is the first Pretty Cure show to net consecutive months at No. 1 since Go! Princess PreCure in 2015. The August, 2021 Top 25 Shows chart will be posted on July 29 (Today).

The August, 2021 Top 25 Shows chart goes into effect at 12:01 A.M. August 1 (Sunday).

Netflix anime series Beastars surges to a new peak 12-2 in its 3rd month. Beastars has grossed 1.314 billion grosses in July and 3.21 billion to date. Tropical-Rouge! PreCure dips 2-3 in its 5th month. Tropical has grossed 1.196 billion in July and 6.83 billion overall. The Promised Neverland rises 6-4 in its 7th month. Neverland has grossed 1.157 billion in July and 9.93 billion to date. Godzilla Singular Point debuts at No. 5. Godzilla has grossed 1.124 billion overall.

RIMBA Racer re-enters at No. 6 in its 9th month. RIMBA has grossed 1.196 billion in July and 6.27 billion overall. The David Pakman Show falls 4-7 in its 10th month. Pakman has grossed 1.116 billion in July and 14.28 billion overall. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro remains at No. 8 in its 2nd month. Nagatoro has grossed 1.108 billion in July and 2.21 billion overall. In the Heat of the Night falls 7-9 in its 50th month. Heat has grossed 823.9 million in July and 40.98 billion overall. One Piece rounds out the top-10 tumbling seven positions in its 16th month. Piece has grossed 7.52 billion overall.

Elsewhere on the chart, How It’s Made (5-11; 68th month) slides out of the top-10. Mewkledreamy rises 16-14 in its 2nd month. Mewkledreamy grossed 507.3 million to date.


“Beastars” claims second straight frame at No. 1 with sub-500 million gross week
Posted: July 25, 2021 7:32 P.M. CT (0032 UTC 7/26)

Beastars wins its fourth career No. 1 this week -- and its second straight -- grossing 497 million grosses surpassing 3 billion career grosses.

In the Heat of the Night wins its 10th career No. 2 and its third of 2021 grossing 472.5 million grosses. No. 3 was Tropical-Rouge! PreCure moving 406 million. Enchantimals returns at No. 4 grossing 349.8 million. RIMBA Racer rounds out the top-5 grossing 325 million surpassing 6 billion career grosses.

Godzilla Singular Point slides to No. 6 grossing 281.4 million surpassing 1 billion career grosses. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro takes No. 7 grossing 230 million surpassing 2 billion career grosses. Star Twinkle PreCure dips to No. 8 grossing 174.7 million. Mewkledreamy returns at No. 9 grossing 119.3 million. One Piece returns at No. 10 grossing 68 million.

The total amount grossed this week was 2,923.7 million grosses, a 20.5% decrease vs. last week, nearly reversing last week’s bump. The average was 292.37 million grosses.

Over on the Annual Gross Races chart, The David Pakman Show leads after 30 weeks holding a 2.85 billion gross advantage over Tropical-Rouge! PreCure. Beastars jumps into the top-10 rising 12-9. Enchantimals and Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro debuts at No. 19 and 20. Star Twinkle PreCure remains the Quarter Gross Races chart leader.



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