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“The New Adventures of Lassie” breaks grossing records
Posted: February 17, 2018 12:39 P.M. CT (1839 GMT)

Lassie breaks overall, No. 1 debut grossing records

No. 2 grossing record also broken

H2O: Mermaid Adventures renames the year

The New Adventures of Lassie roars onto the T-10 chart at No. 1 this week grossing 541 million grosses. That breaks the previous overall and No. 1 week grossing records set by Galaxy Express 999 back on November 25. Express grossed 537 million grosses that week.

JK-Meshi! Breaks the No. 2 week grossing record moving 523.5 million grosses. That beats the previous record of 522 million grosses also set by Galaxy Express 999. Bill Nye the Science Guy rises to No. 3 grossing 502 million grosses. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, the No. 1 show of the last three weeks, tumbles to No. 4 grossing 440.7 million grosses surpassing 2 billion career grosses. Sailor Moon rounds out the top-5 grossing 428 million grosses.

Cardcaptor Sakura returns at No. 6 grossing 391 million surpassing 8 billion career grosses. LEGO: Elves returns at No. 7 grossing 364 million grosses. DC Super Hero Girls is No. 8 grossing 316.6 million grosses. Moon Phase is No. 9 grossing 275.2 million grosses. H2O: Mermaid Adventures is No. 10 grossing 157 million.

The total amount grossed this week was 3,939.0 million grosses, a 16% increase vs. last week. The average was 393.9 million grosses. The nine-week moving average for the weekly average comes to 392.4 million grosses, the lowest average since December 17, 2016.

Over on the Annual and Quarter Gross Races charts, H2O: Mermaid Adventures leads after 7 weeks holding a 608 million gross advantage over new No. 2 OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes. Cardcaptor Sakura gained 5-4. Bill Nye the Science Guy gained 12-7 and JK-Meshi! Surges 18-10. LEGO: Elves re-enters at No. 13 and Lassie enters the chart at No. 16.


“OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes” jumps to No. 1
Posted: February 13, 2018 7:06 P.M. CT (0106 GMT 2/14)

OK K.O. heads to No. 1 in March

One debut and one re-entry

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes climbs 3-1 in its 2nd month after completing a hat trick on last week’s (Feb. 10) T-10 chart. OK K.O. has grossed 1.86 billion to date. The March, 2018 Top 25 Shows Prediction List will be posted on February 13 (Today) while the official chart will be posted on February 25 (final Sunday of the month).

DC Super Hero Girls cruises to a solid No. 2 debut. Hero has grossed 1.28 billion grosses to date. H2O: Mermaid Adventures dips 2-3 in its 5th month. Mermaid has grossed 7.02 billion to date. Magical Meow Meow Taruto vaults 10-4 in its 2nd month. Taruto has grossed 1.65 billion to date. Cardcaptor Sakura rounds out the top-5 gaining eight positions in its 10th month.

Hipira gains 9-6 in its 3rd month. Hipira has grossed 1.54 billion to date. JK-Meshi! Gains 12-7 in its 3rd month. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic dips 8-5 in its 80th month. Steven Universe plunges 1-9 in its 13th month. This is the first time Steven Universe has failed to gross by the posting of the Prediction List. Fullmetal Alchemist rounds out the top-10 falling four positions in its 24th month.

Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (7-12; 2nd month), ID-0 (8-13; 5th month), and Sailor Moon (4-15; 50th month) all drop out of the top-10.



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