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“My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” becomes 10-time No. 1 show

Posted: August 28, 2016 3:12 A.M. CT (0812 GMT)

By Torrey Pitchford


“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” returns at No. 1

Posted: August 27, 2016 12:24 P.M. CT (1725 GMT)

By Torrey Pitchford

Pony outstrips Flying Witch for No. 1 in September - 10th career No. 1, second most in Top 25 Shows history - two debuts

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will leap 7-1 in its 62nd month. Pony grossed 1.973 billion grosses in August (one of the strongest showings ever in August) and 70.59 billion grosses overall. This is Pony’s 10th career month at No. 1, putting it by itself at No. 2 behind only Redwall (12) on the all-time list of Top 25 Shows career No. 1’s. The September, 2016 Top 25 Shows chart will be posted on August 28 (Today).


The September, 2016 Top 25 Shows chart goes into effect at 12:01 A.M. September 1 (Thursday).


The Bold and the Beautiful rises 5-2 in its 50th month. B&B has grossed 1.847 billion in August and 63.39 billion overall. Flying Witch remains at No. 3 in its 2nd month. Witch has grossed 1.781 billion in August and 3.26 billion overall. The Young and the Restless slides 2-4 in its 99th month. Y&R has grossed 1.647 billion during the month and 109.23 billion overall. Maho Girls PreCure! Rounds out the top-5 rising three rungs in its 6th month. Maho has grossed 8.22 billion overall and 1.562 billion during August.


ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks soars 24-6 matching its peak in its 13th month. Alvin has grossed 1.175 billion in August and 6.32 billion overall. Dawn of the Croods debuts at No. 7. Croods has grossed 1.126 billion grosses to date. Croods is the first Netflix original series to make the Top 25 Shows chart. How It’s Made sinks 4-8 in its 32nd month. Made has grossed 975 million grosses in August and 38.24 billion overall. Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear debuts at No. 9. Kumamiko has grossed 871.7 million grosses to date. The Lion Guard rounds out the top-10 gaining one rung in its 8th month. Lion has grossed 740 million grosses in August and 5.76 billion overall.


Anne Happy, the No. 1 show for the last three months, plummets to No. 11 in its 4th month. Anne has grossed 5.73 billion to date. Anne’s 1-11 drop is the fourth largest drop from No. 1 in chart history and the largest following a No. 1 debut. The New Adventures of Peter Pan dips 10-12 in its 3rd month. Pan grossed 818 million grosses in August and 2.2 billion overall. Lucha Underground tumbles 6-13 in its 9th month. Season 3 of Lucha Underground premieres on September 7. Star Trek: The Next Generation slides 9-14 in its 34th month. Trek has grossed 23.76 billion to date. Sofia the First rounds out the top-15 sliding two positions in its 21st month. Sofia has grossed 11.94 billion to date.


Turtles nets first No. 1 week since January 2015 - The Galaxy Railways makes first appearance in nearly 10 years

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) returns at No. 1 this week grossing 451 million surpassing 13 billion career grosses. This is the first No. 1 week for Turtles since January 17, 2015.


ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks wins its first career No. 2 grossing 446 million grosses surpassing 6 billion career grosses. Kumamiko remains at No. 3 for a second week grossing 432.7 million grosses bringing its two-week total to 871.7 million grosses. The Young and the Restless is No. 4 grossing 424 million surpassing 109 billion career grosses. Dawn of the Croods returns at No. 5 grossing 413.2 million surpassing 1 billion career grosses.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, last week’s No. 1 show, sinks to No. 6 grossing 390 million grosses. The Bold and the Beautiful dips to No. 7 moving 377.4 million grosses. The Galaxy Railways returns at No. 8 grossing 365 million grosses. Railways last appeared on the November 4, 2006 T-10 chart. Flying Witch holds at No. 9 grossing 328 million surpassing 3 billion career grosses. The Lion Guard returns at No. 10 grossing 304 million grosses.


The total amount grossed this week was 3,931.3 million grosses, a 1.9% increase over last week. The average was 393.13 million grosses. This was the highest total and average since June 4.


Over on the Annual Gross Races chart, The Young and the Restless leads after 35 weeks holding a 12 million gross advantage over The Bold and the Beautiful, which slides to No. 2. The Lion Guard rises 9-7. Flying Witch gains 16-15. ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks rises 20-19. Flying Witch remains the Quarter Gross Races chart for a fourth week.





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